About Protenga

At Protenga, we are building the next generation of insect farms to truly unlock the circular economy potential of insect bioconversion.

Insects are the foundation of the food chain in nature. Using our unique technology approach, we produce insect protein, oil and fertilizer and are on an exciting journey to establish insects as a sustainable foundation to our global food system.

You will join a fast-growing, ambitious, energetic and diverse team of technologists, farmers, scientists, engineers and business professionals. Your work will have direct impact on our operations, technology and business and will play an important role in helping us achieve real impact into 2021 and beyond.

If you're excited by complex problems, biology (insects in particular), big machines, cutting-edge technology, working alongside smart people, and making a physical product that will have a real impact on how we feed the world, you're in the right place. And if that seems intimidating, don't worry - you're in good company. We'd still love to hear from you!

Job Opportunities

⇒ Production Team

⇒ Engineering Team

⇒ Corporate Team

⇒ Products & Commercial Team

⇒ R&D Team

None of these quite right for you?

Protenga is hiring across the board, and we'd like to help you find a position you'd love.

Get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and some of the work you've done so far: [email protected]


Currently all positions are based out of our breeding and farming facility in Senai, Johor, which is located at the Southern tip of Malaysia, about 30km from the Singapore border.

We are happy to help employees relocate.